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Like a little girl, occasionally I am seized by the urge to play dress-up or experiment with makeup. Playing dress-up is always totally fine, because even if you put on the most ridiculous outfit ever, you can always change before leaving the house.

Makeup is a little bit less forgiving. When I play with makeup, I usually end up looking either deeply, tragically gothic (not the goal), or like I have two black eyes (on bad days). Neither is a look I really want to wear out into the world, but when you've caked that much product onto your face, it's not going to come off immediately, however much soap you get in your eyes in the attempt.

I bring all this up because, with lots of work before me this evening, I am naturally distracted by the thought of producing an exciting, rock-star-esque, smoky eye (my enthusiasm in the face of many past failures is inspiring, really). This is a terrible plan -- about a quarter of the time heavy eye makeup makes my eyes water, so applying it when I know I have to stare at a screen would be a poor life choice -- but it's not like I can do it tomorrow, because we have plans with friends and I'd prefer not to show up looking like the World's Saddest Clown.

Decisions, decisions.
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