Nov. 21st, 2010

On track!

Nov. 21st, 2010 03:28 pm
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10368 / 15000 (69.12%)

*does dance of being on track*

In other news, a week of sleeping very badly has me once again attempting to drastically reduce my caffeine intake. So far so good, I'm drinking tea instead of coffee and vaguely planning to switch to decaf in a few more days.

The trouble is that experience tells me that as soon as free coffee is available, I will crumble like a crumbly thing. And free coffee is widely available when I travel, on airplanes and in hotels and at conferences. And what should I be doing in ten days but leaving on a trip? So yes, slightly doomed to failure, though I might be able to hold the line at tea (instead of coffee), since the place I am travelling to is Northern Ireland.

(By the way, does anyone know how to refer if referring to it as Ireland is likely to get me punched in the face? My current plan is to not call it anything until I clear this up.)

But yes, my plan for sleep is to avoid caffeine. We'll see if this helps.


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